• Megan Chapa

    Megan Chapa has hosted 27 episodes.

    Megan Chapa is a travel agent interviewing travel agents! From working with her clients she knows the level of experience and information potential clients want to know. She hopes to bring this information out through dialog and story.

    Megan currently lives in Colorado with her husband, Joe, and their two children. When not planning her clients' amazing trips she likes to explore the mountains with her family. On that rare date night Joe and Megan like to try new restaurants in search of culinary creations outside Megan's cooking abilities (which aren't too shabby ;o).

    Currently Megan is studying for several BritAgent and UK Specialist programs. She will be spending extensive time in the United Kingdom and Europe and hopes to help her clients plan exciting travel to the region also.

    Where does Megan like to travel? Anywhere there's a pool, a beach, childcare and someone bringing her a gin and tonic!

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