About Lauren Liebert



Lauren Liebert began her career specializing in honeymoons, destination weddings, group, and multi-generational travel.

Inspired by her mother-in-law who was a travel agent for over 25 years, she found herself drawn to the travel industry to fill the void of personalized service that was lost by the increased usage of on-line booking.

Word spread quickly in Silicon Valley about her extraordinary customer service, and her creative client gift baskets. Her clients keep coming back year after year, as a result of her great service but also to find out what will be included in their next travel gift basket! As a result, she has become a premiere Silicon Valley travel agent and now has broadened her expertise to include luxury travel, including around-the-world private jet vacations.

Lauren holds the position of Vice President of Operations & Industry Relations for Ticket To Travel, which involves educating other travel agents on product, preferred suppliers and building the agency’s bottom-line.

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