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Wine Travel and Hamilton

Wine Travel and Hamilton

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017 at 10:00 PM

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Wine is the ANSWER - I have learned. These guys are just over the moon for wine and travel. I had so much fun interviewing this couple. This episode will be an education in wine in just 20mins. Imagine what a week with these two and some winemaking professionals could do for your wineducation! (See what I did there?)

Some interesting data that didn't make the podcast is that Keith is the trainer for all travel agents that want to become experts in the island of Nevis! Yes, the birth place of Alexander Hamilton, and one of the most scenic, romantic Caribbean islands too! If this appeals to you they can set you up with a travel agent that knows that island well.

I am working on about a half dozen UK certifications but I might have to tack this onto my education regiment! My husband is an early American history buff and published most recently in the book, Hamilton and Philosophy: Revolutionary Thinking (Popular Culture and Philosophy). I think he would be supportive...

Monday's podcast is a good one! Pour a glass and listen. You will learn, as long as you use an aerator, anytime is wine time.

Host Megan Chapa