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Should Have Take My Own Advice..!

Should Have Take My Own Advice..!

Monday, June 26th, 2017 at 8:00 PM

ikea episode7 lauren liebert lost car carr matey

Carrr Matey, Lauren I failed you!

My husband and I always joke that the true test of a strong marriage is surviving a trip to IKEA...

In preparation for our move to England, and our potential Hobbit House, we are getting the kids bunk beds. Things in IKEA went pretty smooth right down to navigating the warehouse and not spilling Icees on our way to the car.


In my head I thought, "YARRRRRRR! I should have used Carrr Matey"! So, as Joe went off the locate our car I texted Lauren - who did not waste time poking fun at me.

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Insert eye roll here.

~ Megan Out

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