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Father's Day Post

Father's Day Post

Sunday, June 18th, 2017 at 8:00 PM

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My husband is so good to our kids. They drive each other crazy at times but mostly its smiles, legos and laughing.

Sometime ago my husband applied for a full Phd scholarship to Oxford University. At the time he shared with me that he hoped to give this experience living and traveling abroad as a gift to myself and our kids.

In December Joe was awarded the scholarship and in February he was accepted to the University. So, now the wish is reality!

Needless to say things are a little crazy for us at the moment, so I thought Father's Day was last Sunday. Joe has now been celebrated two Sundays in a row. I'm hoping this makes up for the Father's Day of 2015 when our outlets blew and thawed freezers with 600lbs of organic meat, ice cream, veggies, etc... #bribedthetrashguys #luckyguy #fingerscrossed

Thank you Joe for loving us, providing for us, and giving us this great opportunity to spend time as a family exploring the world!

#heykidswhatcanIsayexceptyourewelcome #tomuchdisney #travelagentdreamcometrue

P.S. If you start to see a ton of posts about the UK and podcasts of the same, now you know why.

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