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Couples Golf Tournaments Around the World with the Quimby's

Couples Golf Tournaments Around the World with the Quimby's

Saturday, May 20th, 2017 at 11:00 AM

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Couples Golf Tournaments Around the World

Take a listen to episode number two:

Upon listening you will know why Kim and Keith Quimby have waiting lists for their tournaments. These two plan fun trips with challenging course and dynamite dining!


[Audio Begins]

Megan Chapa: Hello and welcome to the Travel Agent Interview Podcast. I am your host Megan Chapa and I'm privileged to have Kim and Keith Quimby with me on the podcast today, welcome.

Kim Quimby: Hello.

Keith Quimby: Hello.

Kim Quimby: How are you?

Megan Chapa: Hi, I'm good. Thank you so much for being here. We start our show with a quick minute on a gadget or technology that is helpful to travelers and today let's talk specifically about RFID wallets. They are to protect your credit card specifically from their data being taken when you're riding a bus or a train just out in a crowd where someone might be scanning for your personal information. I happen to be on Amazon at the moment and there is a really large selection for both men and women, you can get a really good one for less than 20 bucks. Do either of you guys happen to carry one of these and what's your experience been there?

Keith Quimby: Yes. I have one and been using it for about two years, work great never had a problem.

Megan Chapa: Awesome, where did you get yours?

Keith Quimby: I got it from Kim.

Kim Quimby: It was a gift and I actually purchased it from Amazon.

Megan Chapa: Amazon is getting a good plug from us today. All right, thank you guys for that input. I think we should move on to the section that's about you guys, the stars of our show. Kim, would you be able to tell us a little bit about you guys as a couple and how you got into the travel industry in the first place?

Kim Quimby: We've been married for quite awhile and Keith came home one day and he was working in the defense industry and informed that he was going to take early retirement and in that conversation it's quite difficult on me... He informed me that we would not be able to travel as much because he was taking early retirement and that I would have to find something to do in order to supplement our income if I wanted to continue to travel. Basically, I went out and decided and looked for about 24 hours and decided the best thing for me to do is to become a travel agent. I studied and trained and went north towards a local travel agent here in Greenville, Texas and became a travel agent.

Megan Chapa: That seems like a pretty good solution to the problem that Keith dropped on you all of a sudde!

Kim Quimby: He did drop it on me.

Megan Chapa: It seems like it worked out for the best though.

Keith Quimby: Yes it did and after she worked I guess almost two years and I continued out working at the defense company and when I finally retired I joined her and then around that same time we found Anita and that was a really great match.

Megan Chapa: What agency are you guys with right now?

Kim Quimby: We're with Ticket To Travel.

Megan Chapa: That's fantastic. I hear good things about that agency. Let's talk about the area of travel that you guys specialize in.

Keith Quimby: We specialize in a number of areas but they're all focused around leisure travel and our specialty is in the area of groups and many of our groups are golf groups. We do couples tournaments. We've done two this year. We plan to continue that trend and it's a great opportunity for couples that love to play golf and travel. We go to some great courses around the world mostly in the Caribbean. We just got back from Hawaii playing some beautiful courses on the big island near Kona. We finished up with a fantastic golf course in Princeville on the island of Hawaii, just wonderful people. It's all about the golf and it's all about getting to know other couples with very similar wants and desires as far as how they like to travel, their comfort and as well as enjoy the competition of the golf tournament.

Megan Chapa: You said one to Hawaii this year, where was the second one.

Keith Quimby: The second that we're planning is in October 19 and it will be in Riviera Maya Mexico.

Megan Chapa: Is there any availability left on that trip or is that one sold out?

Keith Quimby: It is selling very quickly. We have 36 couples. We have room for about 14 more couples. We'd love to have some more join us.

Megan Chapa: Okay. We will put that information in our show notes so that people can contact you and also we'll put it in the host or in the guest section so that they can get in contact with you guys if they're interested in that October 19th golf tournament in Riviera Maya.

Keith Quimby: Yes, just drop me an email, be glad to send you the flyer. You can take a look at it and make your decision if you'd like to contact me and get more information.

Megan Chapa: Fantastic. Let's talk about either a fantastic success story, a funny story or a situation that didn't go so well but you guys were able to triumph over in one of your client's experiences.

Kim Quimby: Okay. I think I'm going to take this one. Our first golf tournament, we decided to do off a cruise ship and we went out of Galveston Texas and we had over 30 couples on the cruise and we had planned in every port, our main tournaments were in Jamaica and Cosumel and our third port of call was in Grand Cayman and that was an optional day of golf. We did plan for it somewhat. We knew everyone and our golfers want to take their own equipment but it's a challenge when everyone has their own golf clubs. When you have 30 plus couples, you have 60 plus golf bags in addition to all their luggage. It was a challenge checking in. We knew that. We had alerted the cruise line of this potential issue and we knew about that and that worked great and they gave us a conference room and we had all the golf clubs stored there. First challenge came in Cosumel because it's a long hall to get out of that area. Our clients were quite tired dragging their golf clubs out of the area and the cruise director actually saw our clients dragging their golf clubs and he decided that he was going to help us on the day in Jamaica. He came out himself, the cruise director and with several crew members and luggage carts and actually helped us take golf clubs out to the transportation.

Megan Chapa: I had never thought about that being an issue but I guess it really would be especially because it's so hot.

Kim Quimby: It is an issue. That was our first one. We knew that we had golf clubs but we didn't realize the limitations of that. Now, we have not been back on a cruise. We would like to take the group back on a cruise but guaranteed all those issues will be taken care of prior.

Megan Chapa: Good, good! Can we talk about the question that is nearest and dearest to my heart which will be a best or memorable meal that you've had could be domestically, could be internationally and it could be because it was fantastic or it could be because something went awry? Keith do you have a story for us?

Keith Quimby: Yeah, recent story. In Hawaii with our golf group on the big island, we were at the Mauna Lani, it's the Canoe House and it's memorable. Every time that I think of memorable meals, it's always the people, the food and the service. In that order, I mean it really is about your guests and having a good time. We had 16 guests that we hosted at the Canoe House. The food was fantastic. The service was extremely special. The drinks were perfect. The breezes coming in off the ocean, the sunset through the palm trees ...

Megan Chapa: Yes, Keith tell me more...!

Keith Quimby: I'm telling you, I don't have many more superlatives but the staff did a fantastic job. It's just one of those events where we planned it, we went, everything was set up exceptionally well. There wasn't a single hiccup and that's the types of events that you really look back on and go wow, that was fantastic.

Megan Chapa: Good. Give us the name of the restaurant one more time so that we remember.

Keith Quimby: It is the Mauna Lani Resort and it is the Canoe House. It is actually part of their resort property, very nice restaurant.

Megan Chapa: Is that where you guys were staying at that resort property?

Keith Quimby: No. We stayed at the Fairmont. The Fairmont is within that larger Mauna Lani Resort, there's two golf courses, the north course and the south course right there and the Fairmont and the Mauna Lani share those two golf courses. These are of course on the big island near Kona. There's lots of lava involved so if you do cope a lai those courses I would advise you to take several golf balls.

Megan Chapa: That's a good tip. Well guys, thank you so much for being on the Travel Agent Interview Podcast. Is there anything else you would like to mention before we go?

Kim Quimby: No, I don't think so. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

Megan Chapa: Thank you for being on there, fantastic. If you want to find Keith and Kim's information you can visit the Click on the guest section, you'll see their pictures and their profiles and their biographies and how you can get in touch with them. Until next time, this is Megan Chapa your host saying goodbye.

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